August 26, 2012

Cay Player and neighbors preparing for Isaac

Cay Player and the other boats docked at Cudjoe Gardens Marina on Cudjoe Key have been preparing for hurricane Isaac coming through very soon. This includes running extra dock lines across the canal, taking in all movable items, and securing the bimini, etc.

April 03, 2012

Docked in on Cudjoe Key

We arrived here about two hours ago, after a beautiful sunny sail from Key West. Barry navigated us spot on with his Navionics iPhone app. The canal to Cudjoe Gardens Marina was tight but we passed through easily. We have several neighbors, including a (for-sale) larger catamaran across the way.

Leaving Key West for Cudjoe Key

The marina on Cudjoe Key offers a much more attractive rate for docking with electricity and water included, so we're heading there now.

April 02, 2012

5 large tarpon visited Cay Player this afternoon

She's still secured to the mooring ball. We came to check and rest aboard after our overnight drive back to Key West. We were delighted to see these big fish (considered worthy gamefish, not for eating).

We plan to move Cay Player to Cudjoe Key tomorrow for a semi-permanent marina home.

March 26, 2012

Wahoo's bar & grill mascot at Whale Harbor, Islamorada

Here's one way to recognize you've found the right spot! I have good memories of eating here last year, & happy to be here again.

View northeast from Whale Harbor to channel markers

Today's fresh catch (Cohia) may be shared by the pelicans too!

Whale Harbor also has a fishing fleet, charters, skiboat rentals, in addition to restaurants & bars & birds

It's on the north side of the island, facing the ocean side. Channel markers dot the waters here too.

Wahoo's bar & grill at Whale Harbor, mile marker 83.5, Islamorada

Here's our view from where we've stopped for lunch on the drive back to Jacksonville.

March 25, 2012

The ICW north of and close to Miami

This area (on Tuesday and Tuesday night) was very built up, and almost like a canal in some places, with many bridges on strictly-timed openings.

Roomy cockpit helped boat be comfortable for six

Only thing, the color of the water was still too dark-blue while we were farther north in Florida.

One of the first sunsets during our trip

After nightfall the stars were incredible. Almost-new moon allowed huge numbers of stars to be visible, scattered all over the sky.

Nice to hang out on foredeck as our new friends had helm

The wind Wednesday allowed reaches and broad reaches. Unfortunately at one point, we almost jibed accidentally when Barry was going aft, and the boom hit his head. Fortunately it wasn't too hard and not in a critical spot.

Wednesday was quite a day

After staying in an anchorage overnight near Key Largo (the only night we didn't sail through), we had a great sail southeast on the bayside ICW. Barry posed in a Captain Morgan stance ...

One of Key West's protected chickens, with baby chicks

Key West by ordinance prohibits any interference or harm to the chickens, which roam entirely free.

Other neighbors in the KW City Marina mooring field

Part of view from mooring (Key West City Marina's mooring field)

Dinghy tied up near the ladder - might explore before going to land

Overall photo of the bridle-to-mooring that will hold until we return

Created bridle by line secured to both bow cleats

I used bowline knots on each side - one on the mooring ball's line (which was thick and very long), and on the spare dockline at its midpoint between the cleats. Per the multihull book, we allowed that dockline to have an overall working length of 150% of the space between the bow cleats.

I'm concerned the bridle might catch the anchor so will try to get the anchor secured into its locker before we leave. Note - turned out it was fine and the line never caught on the anchor.

Conch Republic flag silhouetted against dawn-kissed clouds

Sunrise in Garrison Bight, Key West

"Conch Republic" flag now flying - Thanks to the guys who sailed with us

March 22, 2012

Water's the right color in the Keys!

As we proceeded into the Keys it became apparent why Barry wanted to move to this area!

Me & Barry, and Steve

Matt, Steve, Beau, & Brian - fantastic team

Beau & Matt fishing off the stern as we race avg. 7.2 mph on broad reach

Our friend Steve who rounded up 3 additional for crew

Sailing in perfect conditions - broad reach in steady strong breeze with following light swells

Bayside ICW marker 13, with 13 birds on it

Screenshot of Navionics chart update

Great breeze sailing in keys, on course toward Marathon

Matt & Beau cut a beer can for the fishing line

To keep the bait from sinking too low as Cay Player plowed through the water. 7+ mph felt fast and kicked up a decent wake while sailing.

Brian, Steve, Beau, & Matt - at helm, & fishing

All part of the Wednesday sailing - steady strong wind & little chop on the bayside ICW. We went faster sailing than motoring! We also motorsailed in this stretch. At speeds averaging about 7.5 knots, the wake was frisky.

Tiane started Wednesday lounging in the dinghy on foredeck

Amazingly comfortable place to relax with plenty of sunscreen!

March 18, 2012

Change plans: sailing outside the beaches heading south

Since the weather is wonderful, we went outside from the St. Johns river into the ocean. Set the sails and heading south!

Soon we'll reach the ICW, follow it to St. Augustine