September 30, 2010

Water heater installation

Rick replaced the old propane water heater with a new electric one. It's AC-powered but should run via an inverter when we're cruising. He had to run hoses rather far, along the cabinetry that houses the port daggerboard, then down and into the head compartment and then up / over to the sink faucet and shower faucet. This also managed to hook into the plumbing hoses onboard in a way that brings hot water to the galley sink in the starboard hull.

Sailing weekend on the St. John's River

We went south on Saturday past the Buckman Bridge (upstream), and north on Sunday near the area of the zoo and Hwy. 9A bridge (downstream), along the St. John's River:

September 03, 2010

If you live here, your mornings look like this

You can see Cay Player on the far left:

Here she's at right, facing the sunrise:

And here's a neighbor dock with their boat reflecting nicely against the sunrise and the water's reflection of the sunrise against the disappearing clouds: